You’ve noticed the unexplained formation of moisture underneath carpeting or on another type of flooring. Perhaps your flooring is starting to buckle, or you’ve been shocked at a sharp increase in your water usage from the last period. No matter the slab leak signs, it’s time for action- and that means calling on real slab leak Irving experts who can identify and solve the problem in the best, least invasive, and most affordable way.

Slab Leak Irving

Slab leak detection and repair is a specialty of ours here at DFW Pipe and Plumbing. We know how frustrating it can be for a customer to be dealing with a possible slab leak, so we try to make things as easy and affordable as possible- ensuring our service will quickly pinpoint where the problem is, why it’s happening, and then letting the customer know how we can best fix the problem. No matter the situation or the best repair option, you can count on us to be the most minimally invasive yet effective slab leak repair service around. We’re careful, thorough, always professional, and always happy to answer any questions at any time. With our professional help, your slab leak problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Spend less of your hard-earned money on higher quality slab leak Irving service by calling us at DFW Pipe and Plumbing. You can learn more about our professional slab leak service and how else we can help you when you browse through our website, To reach us for service or any questions, just call us today at 972-929-3300.