Drain clogs continue to be a source of frustration for numerous folks around Plano. But it’s important to say that drain clogs are preventable and it’s important to follow some simple rules in order to keep your drain line free and clear of debris that will lead to clogging and all the Plano plumbing problems associated with clogging.

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Never throw food down the drain, and this is also the case with cooking oil or grease. Yes, it may seem easier, and your food will simply disappear. Out of sight and out of mind, right? Well, those food bits, grease, and oil will begin to form a thick gunk in your drain line over time and this will lead to big clogging problems. The same goes for hair and soap in the bathroom and shower drains. Hair with soap is a deadly combination, and just like with food and other cooking elements, this will lead to big clogging problems. A simple yet effective solution to prevent clogging issues is to invest in some drain stoppers or strainers and use them! Doing this will save you from clogging headaches and save you money on clog cleaning and possible repairs should the clogs lead to other big Plano plumbing issues.

If you do have a drain clog, then not to worry. Simply call us for thorough drain cleaning help and a drain line that’s clean as a whistle. Otherwise, save yourself from trouble by being more mindful about throwing things down the drain. Learn more today by browsing through our website, https://dallaspipeandplumbing.com. If you need Plano plumbing help of any kind, then just give us a call today at 972-929-3300 or you can use the contact form found on our website.