An under-concrete slab leak is not something you’d want to wish on your worst enemy. Such a leak can prove disastrous, especially if left undiagnosed and untreated. If a slab leak is left alone and is not repaired, it can lead to serious problems and can even threaten the foundation of your Irving home. So, it’s important to know the symptoms of a slab leak in your Irving home.

Slab Leak Irving

A first tell-tale sign of a slab leak to watch out for is a hefty increase in your water bill from the previous month. Whether it’s a slab leak or not, a big increase in your water bill is something you should pay close attention to. Another sign which could point to slab leak is warping of floors or moisture forming underneath carpeting. If there is water or moisture forming where it shouldn’t be, then it’s time to call for slab leak detection in Irving. You may also notice that some areas of your floors are hotter than others. This is another sign of a slab leak. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, then it’s time to call on a professional slab leak service to have the issue checked out and if necessary, repaired.

Know the symptoms of a slab leak in your Irving home so you can avoid big pain down the road. If you do suspect a slab leak, then give us a call here at DFW Pipe and Plumbing for professional slab leak detection and repair service. You can learn more today by browsing through our website,