For a number of folks in Carrollton, TX, a considerable amount of money gets spent over the years on leak repairs. There’s no question that these repair expenses add up over time, but there is a way to avoid repairs and save yourself a bundle. With the permanent leak prevention solution proudly offered by DFW Pipe Restoration, LLC, you can look forward to a life with no plumbing leaks and a great deal of money saved on Carrollton plumbing repairs.

Why not provide yourself with a way to save big on future leak repairs? With the ACE DuraFlo® ePIPE system we proudly offer, your pressurized pipes will be permanently protected from corrosion and the problems associated with corrosion, such as leaks. But that’s just the beginning. This ‘in place’ epoxy pipe lining solution will also protect your water- keeping rust, lead, and other contaminants at bay. The process of implementing the ACE DuraFlo® ePIPE system is straightforward, minimally-invasive, and very much worth the effort, especially if you’re interested in saving time, money, and energy on future leaks and repairs.

We’re always happy to help our Carrollton customers with protecting their pipes and their wallets from leaks. So if you’re interested in saving on future leak repairs and enjoying the other worthwhile benefits found with the ACE DuraFlo® ePIPE system, then simply give us a call today at 972-929-3300. Also feel free to learn more about the ACE DuraFlo® ePIPE solution and the other high quality money-saving plumbing Dallas area services we offer.