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Some of the largest companies in the nation have taken advantage of this proven technology for many years. Some customers include hotels, government agencies, property mangers, building owners, hospitals, the U.S. Air Force, primary care facilities, universities, and many residential homeowners.
YES! Since pipe restoration restores a building’s plumbing system within the walls, owners save thousands of dollars by not paying to replace their existing plumbing system. The costs saved by not destroying walls, removing and replacing pipes, and redecorating make pipe restoration the less expensive alternative.
Pipes are heated and air dried, next they are sand blasted clean to remove any interior corrosion and debris, then epoxy is pressure applied to interior of the plumbing system. Once the epoxy has cured, a pressure test is completed to ensure that the plumbing system holds pressure and all leaks have been sealed.
YES! New pipes start to deteriorate the moment the water is turned on. Epoxy lined pipes are protected against corrosion.
Often when a homeowner or tenant experiences a leak in their plumbing system it signifies a failing plumbing system especially in older residential or commercial buildings. To replace or re-pipe the section of pipe that is leaking does not address the true problem. In many cases homeowner’s find themselves repairing leaks using the conventional re-pipe method over and over again in other areas of the pipe(s) resulting in limitless repair expenditures overtime.
Typically, a re-pipe will consist of a 1 year workmanship guarantee. This applies only to the section of pipe that was replaced. DFW Pipe & Plumbing provides a 10 year transferable warranty for the entire plumbing system that has been restored with the ACE DuraFlo® ePIPE™ system.
YES! Pipe Restoration is planned as far ahead as possible. For tenants an updated schedule of the suites to be restored is published in the lobby on a daily basis. The process should not compromise anyone’s standard of living.
The ACE DuraFlo® System is designed to restore copper, steel, galvanized and metallic sprinkler systems. The rust and corrosion buildup within the pipe is removed to restore full water pressure. Pipes are then epoxy coated to protect against future corrosion and leaks.
YES! The ACE DuraFlo® System does not use chemicals in its cleaning process, meeting North America’s strictest water safety standards. In addition, the epoxy used in the process is certified safe for use in potable water systems.
Pinhole leaks can be repaired with the ACE DuraFlo® pipe restoration system. However, if a larger hole is found in the pipe we simply replace the affected area of pipe and continue with the process.

YES! The only working material likely to touch flooring is the food grade hose that supplies the air to the plumbing system. In most cases ground covers are put down before work is commenced to protect flooring. Our restoration technicians wear booties if they need to cross over from outdoor to indoor work.
YES! Pipe restoration significantly reduces waste and strain on landfills compared to the conventional re-pipe method.

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