Murphy’s Law likes to strike when you least expect it, and especially when you’re about to enjoy something wonderful, like a summer vacation. So if you already know you have a potential Plano plumbing problem brewing somewhere in your home or you just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plumbing is in great shape right before you take off on your big summer vacation, then look to us at DFW Pipe & Plumbing for the best plumbing service in Plano.

plano plumbing

Whether you know you have a small leak building somewhere in your home, your water heater hasn’t been working right lately, or perhaps you’ve even been thinking about corrosion-proofing your copper pipes with an advanced epoxy pipe restoration solution, we at DFW Pipe & Plumbing will be happy to improve your plumbing and your summer season with our professional services. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get the job done so you can enjoy your summer with zero worries about your plumbing.

Make sure that your Plano home’s plumbing won’t ruin your summer plans. Call us at DFW Pipe & Plumbing for quality plumbing service you can count on. You can schedule service today at 972-929-3300 or by filling out the simple contact form found on our website, While on our website you can also learn more about our services and why we’re the preferred plumbing and pipe restoration company for Plano homes and businesses.